10 Music Apps for Your Kids to Enjoy

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 by Leilah Smith | Top 10 Lists

I'm constantly looking for and playing kids games to see if I should recommend them or not. There are serious music teaching apps for the older students, but for this post we will try to keep it strictly fun. Here are some of the best music game apps I have personally found (quite frankly...any app by JoyTunes is amazing!):

I will start will all the JoyTunes apps, because well...they're amazing and fun!

1. Simply Piano (JoyTunes): This app is really fun to learn, it plays background music that accompanies you while you learn/repeat simple notes. It might be difficult for super young students as it doesn't really explain what rests are...but it's in the format of "guitar hero" they can catch on.

2. Piano Maestro (JoyTunes): Pretty much like Simply Piano, but allows me to track what they do in the game. It's pretty neat for me to see their progress. If you're interested and you're a part of my studio, just let me know and I'll send you the link to sign up under my teacher account.

3. Piano Dust Buster (JoyTunes): LOVE! Super, super fun for kids to have fun with music. (Of course, it ignores technique and proper finger numbers on certain keys...but if it gets them loving piano and/or music....DO IT!)

4. Piano Summer Games (JoyTunes)- Play National Anthems: More piano song teaching games.

5. Tap and sing by StoryBots (JibJab Media Inc): This is just super cute. It teaches more general music skills, but is still super helpful. You can change from the note names to solfege. Kids love this one! It's super entertaining. (They also have a Christmas version.)

6. Easy Music (Edoki Academy): This app is really not for learning necessarily, although that can happen. It's more of a musical exploration. Really interesting though!

7. Music for little Mozarts (Alfred Music Publishing): This app is a little outdated, but still does it's job and could still be fun.

8. Rhythm Cat Lite HD- Learn to Read Music (LMuse Limited): This one is awesome and entertaining. Games to teach rhythm.

9. NoteWorks Free (Azati Corporation): Super fun note learning game

10. Kids Music Factory Free (GiggleUp Kids Apps And Education): More for 3-5 year olds. But super cute, and they will laugh as they compose their own songs... it's pretty awesome.

These are all free apps, with in-app purchases available but not necessary at all. Give your musical children an app as a prize for practicing Suzuki stuff and see what fun they have. Please let me know which ones work the best!!

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