Monday, January 30, 2017 by Leilah Smith | Uncategorized

I just started reading this book called "Build Grit". I have a LOT of habits I would love to be able to change. But my pattern is to do something for one week and then get lazy. I am so sick of this cycle. In order to be the best teacher to my students, I need to be in tip-top mental shape. In order to be in tip-top mental shape, I personally need physical exercise. In order to do this, it comes back down to that little thing called "willpower". Or in today's society, we like to refer to it as "Grit". I'm only in the introduction and have already written down quite a few inspiration quotes. Including the one in the picture I am attaching to this post. There was one quote in particular that really hit home for me regarding talent. It aligns perfectly with the message I believe Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was trying to say:

"People think that an innate talent is enough for success. Indeed, it is true, those people have the advantage of skipping the first mile in a marathon, but the additional miles must be completed as well to reach the finish line!" -Zoe McKey

Isn't that the truth!? When parents purchase music lessons for their children, they are not just encouraging musical talent to grow. They are encouraging the development of "Grit". Because you can only get to a certain point in music with your natural talent. Then, you have to put the work in just like everyone else. Anyone can be a great musician... it doesn't take talent. It takes forcing yourself to see the end goal and putting in the personal efforts to get there.

I was about to type "I will hopefully", but I recognize that old pattern of laziness in that phrase. I WILL make myself more "gritty" this year and in doing so, will hopefully be a good example for my students.